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Are you facing a Title IX Investigation?

Has your college, university, or school begun to investigate you for a violation of Title IX? Colleges, universities, and high schools will aggressively pursue Title IX charges for sexual misconduct against students. Early attention is required in order to protect and defend your rights to a fair investigation and hearing under Title IX.
The attorneys at Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, P.C., aggressively represent students and faculty who have been accused of violating Title IX. Since accusations of rape and sexual assault often have the potential for criminal charges in addition to the Title IX process, our attorneys are experienced in both criminal defense and the Title IX process. We use our experience and knowledge to protect the accused from all consequences of false allegations.
Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at all elementary and secondary schools, school districts, colleges and universities that receive federal funding. Title IX involves allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, gender discrimination, and any form of sexual violence. If you have been accused of violating Title IX, it is important that you seek a Title IX defense attorney immediately because prompt responses are often required. Recent updates to the Title IX process from the United States Department of Education have expanded the due process rights of those accused of a violation.

If you have been found guilty of violating Title IX, you may want to appeal or file a lawsuit to protect your rights. Our attorneys can assist you in challenging the sanction you have suffered, whether a formal reprimand, campus restrictions,  expulsion, or some other negative impact on your education.


“I was represented by David Mills in a civil litigation and was so impressed by his work ethic that even though at one time I thought we had no chance to win, he researched the case so thoroughly that we won and even his legal fees were very fair. I would definitely recommend him and his firm.”
— Bob D.
“Recently, I was represented by Scott McBride as a defendant in a minor, but not insignificant, legal matter. We had never met before and I had no experience hiring an attorney. Needless to say, I was nervous about what it would cost and what would happen next, etc. I am relieved to say that nervousness was quickly replaced with confidence. Scott was professional, yet approachable. He explained things clearly, offered opinions based on experience (without sugar coating it), and I always knew where we stood with the case. When he wasn't immediately available, his staff kindly helped me. Other law firms may have done an adequate job, too. But I'm glad I chose this one.”
— Eric M.

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