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Criminal Defense

At Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, P.C, our criminal defense lawyers vigorously represent clients accused of the full range of criminal offenses, including minor infractions and misdemeanors, DWI / DUI, and the most serious felony charges, such as murder, sex offenses, child sex offenses, child abuse, assault, domestic violence, drug possession, narcotics sales, conspiracy, arson, burglary, theft and grand larceny, credit card fraud, and passing bad checks.

Committed to aggressive defense of our clients’ rights within the criminal justice system, our lawyers have earned an excellent reputation among prosecutors for our work in murder cases, including death penalty cases. Ours is one of very few small firms statewide to have tried the number of murder cases we have tried, and to show a strong record of acquittals.

In all of our criminal defense work, we begin with a thorough interview with the client, seeking to understand the full scope of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the arrest. We conduct an independent investigation, and we proceed aggressively with discovery until we are satisfied that we know what evidence the prosecution has gathered and what kind of case the prosecution is building.

Our investigation includes an examination of the police report and interviews with witnesses, looking for infringements of constitutional rights, illegal searches and seizures, or otherwise flawed police work. We file motions to suppress evidence and pretrial motions designed to protect our clients’ rights. We negotiate with the prosecution regarding plea arrangements. We prepare our clients and witnesses for trial, and present the case to the jury.

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If you need accomplished criminal defense counsel, you can rely on the attorneys of Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, PC for support.

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