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Since 1971, the trial lawyers of Thomas, Birdsong, Mills, McBride & Osborne, PC in Rolla, Missouri, have earned a reputation for aggressive trial work, excellent case presentation, strong advocacy, and good results on behalf of our clients in state and federal court.

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Criminal defense: We conduct our own investigation into criminal allegations against our clients and prepare an aggressive defense designed to result in significant reduction or dismissal of the charges.

DWI / DUI: Our attorneys question every aspect of the arrest, including probable cause for the stop and the reliability of blood alcohol content testing equipment.

Personal injury: Committed to bringing excellent results for plaintiffs injured due to another’s carelessness or recklessness, we consult medical, accident-site, and engineering experts to help us prepare and present our personal injury cases.

Car accidents: Establishing clear liability in car accident injury cases is crucial to achieving good results; we investigate the scene, involve accident-site experts, and interview witnesses to help make our cases.

Semi-truck accidents: Truckers routinely violate drive-time regulations and are otherwise liable for serious, catastrophic accidents; our attorneys have the trial skill to effectively confront truckers’ insurance firms in court.

Wrongful death: Members of our law firm seek the maximum compensation and damages possible for families who have lost a loved one due to another’s recklessness or carelessness.

Family law: If you are thinking about getting a divorce, call us for an initial consultation. Our attorneys can help protect your rights and your relationship with your children.

Child custody and support: We work with you to protect your interests and those of your children, to maximize your parenting time and establish fair and reasonable child support orders. If you have a child but have never been married, our attorneys can assist you in establishing an order of paternity, custody schedule and reasonable child support.

Mediation: Missouri offers alternatives to adversarial divorce through mediation and alternative dispute resolution programs offered by the 25th Judicial Circuit. Ask a family attorney at our firm how we can provide seasoned counsel and support.

Wills and estate planning: We advise our clients on effective estate planning, including taxes, insurance, and Medicaid and Medicare planning.

Business law: We counsel business owners on contract law, employment law, collections and dispute resolution.


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